Receied defective merchandise from Wholesale7


I did order 3 items from I received them, and they were all damaged with holes or broken sewing.

After contacting them, they told me that they will not send me a refund, but I can get a refund of 3 dollars. (!).

Plus, if I order again, and only then, they can send me a new item.

Obviously, I will never order again.

I have attached a photo of the broken items here. This is probably how things are done in China, where this company resides. But not in the rest of the world.

Wholesale7 is a horrible company, do not order there ever!!

Review about: Damaged Items.

Monetary Loss: $80.


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Anonymous from stand corrected....face and yes I go to wholesale joints to save $$....and the business goes there to unload merchandise...that's usually or not moving....and there is a reason for that.....


Per their company policies:

5.If we shipped you a defective or damaged item

You are eligible for a full refund or exchange. When requesting your refund, please be ready to provide Customer Service photographs clearly showing the problem with the item and its tracking number as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can open the item in front of the delivery person and if you find that it was damaged during shipping, you can reject it. Wholesale7 will then ship you a new item in your next order or refund to you.

6.Wholesale7 will refund your money to your balance on the website account normally,then your money can be used in your next order.If you would like to ask for refund to your Paypal account,Please request money from our Paypal (,we will refund immediately.

Perhaps you should read their terms and conditions before ordering stuff outside of the USA, their policies are going to be ALOT different than ordering something in the US of A


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Monetary loss of $80 :eek what exactly did you Purchase for $80? since nothing on the site is priced exactly $80. Prices are either above or below it and of course + shipping and handling :roll

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This is what they say. But I asked for this, but they insist I send the goods back to them.

On my cost.

Now send a parcel to china, it is not cheap.


Hey Anon,LTCC said " KINDA like second hand or outlet" NEVER said it WAS second hand (most wholesale/outlet stores sell NEW items BUT during quality control there is DAMAGE to the item and sold to a wholesale/outlet store)..

In reality, if you go read wholsale7 T&C's it states "All the products listed on our site are in GOOD and NEW condition" meaning NOT all the products are in "perfect/new shape" in other words she got what she paid for !!

Hence the Title of "Wholesale7, Wholesale Clothes, Cheap Korean Clothes Wholesale and Drop Ship from China" complaint is rather funny

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Wow. If you honestly believe "wholesale" means secondhand you need to get yourself an education!

I don't believe she was trying to get something for nothing, she paid for the items. No need to be rude

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Its W-h-o-l-e-s-a-l-e for a reason einstein.....kind of like 2nd Hand......or o-u-t-l-e-t.....If you think you are gonna get something for just did

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